Thursday, February 16, 2012

Death Row dog finds a home

Ginger looks worried in this photo but is probably all smiles now

 (Photo: Henry County Animal Control Shelter)

On Valentine’s Day the news came from Betsy at the Henry County Animal Control shelter in Georgia:  Ginger was adopted!

Betsy deserves a paws up and canine kisses for this success story. Her heart broke when Ginger, a “fat, middle-aged,” sweet-tempered Labrador mix, was brought into the shelter because her owner had gone to jail. (See previous article.)

Through no crime of her own, Ginger was essentially “jailed as well,” as Betsy put it.

Typically, chances are miniscule for an older, relatively nondescript dog like Ginger to find a new home. Chances are a lot higher that they’ll end their days at a kill shelter. But Betsy took the extra time to network Ginger through her contacts and through the Internet, and somehow worked a miracle.

I hope to get more details about Ginger’s lucky adoption and new life.

Meanwhile, big kudos to Betsy and to Ginger’s new forever family.

Learning that Ginger had been sprung from the slammer was one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts I’ve ever received.

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