Sunday, March 11, 2012

Can being plain, pudgy, and middle-aged save your life? It did Ginger’s

Ginger is saving some smiles just for you
There are lots of plain, pudgy, middle-aged dogs in shelters across the country, passed over by prospective adopters and ultimately euthanized because they lack prettiness and pizzazz. But in the case of one such dog, her looks saved her life.

When Jennifer Hale and her colleagues at Save a Litter Pregnant Dog Rescue, Inc. saw a mass email about Ginger, a mellow, affectionate Labrador mix who had ended up on “Death Row” at a Georgia public shelter after her owner went to jail, they fell in love. (Even though Ginger was definitely not pregnant—just plump).

“She looked like a previous dog we adored,” said Hale.

And that’s all it took. The group promptly pulled Ginger from the shelter, and now Hale is fostering the sweet-natured dog in her home.

“Ginger is a precious shepherd/golden retriever mix who weighs about 65 pounds and is four years old,” said Hale in an email to Animal Policy Examiner (APE). “She has a sunny personality and loves to play, run, jump, lick, and get lots of loving from everyone she meets.”

“Ginger is great with other dogs, cats and kids,” Hale continued, “and is healthy in all aspects of her life.  The only thing she needs is a family with a heart big enough to see past her mixed breed.  She is spayed and fully vetted and ready for a new home.  There is no adoption fee for this gal but donations are appreciated.”

Will Ginger be difficult to place because she’s four years old—not a puppy?

“Age is not so much a factor as breed,” said Hale. “To me a purebred older dog is much more likely to find a home than a mutt older dog.”

But Hale believes that whoever adopts Ginger will be very lucky.

“We are so thankful that Ginger has crossed our path,” Hale said. “Ginger will make a great addition to any family and be an awesome asset to our society in general.  Dogs like Ginger really make you feel good that you are working hard to help save their lives."

Read more about Ginger and the heroic shelter worker who networked to save her:

Please consider adopting Ginger, and/or spread the link to this article.

To learn more about adopting Ginger or other wonderful dogs waiting for you, contact:
Jen Hale
Tel. (404) 99-SAVE 1

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