Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Insomnia contest: scary movie versus lab testing on animals

Insomnia guaranteed.

Never, I repeat, do not EVER watch a scary movie in a foreign language.

Couldn't sleep last night because foolishly just before bedtime I read some info about medical experimentation on dogs.

To clear that out of my head, I flipped on the TV for some vacuous entertainment and landed on a supernatural chiller starring Michael Keaton and called White Noise, which would have spooked my wimpy self plenty in English, but for some reason over here in Greece it was broadcast with dubbing in German, so I didn’t understand one single word of what was going on, causing the creepiness factor to skyrocket.

After a half hour of general disorientation, sweaty palms, and nibbled nails, finally got some sense and switched the dang thing off.

Other channel choices included Polish MTV, which is scary too, and a Turkish soap opera—comical but scarier yet—and then some Greek talking heads about the fouled-up economy, which is scariest of all.

Unless, that is, you count those experiments on dogs.

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