Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dog with horrifically mangled nose and mouth found wandering in Dallas

Francesca Bubbles, 'very affectionate' despite severely injured face
Photo credit:
Dallas Animal Services
It’s hard to imagine withstanding the pain of a grotesquely mangled and swollen nose and mouth. It’s harder still to imagine being able to stay “in a great mood” or “very affectionate” while you were enduring it.

But that’s exactly how shelter workers at Dallas [Texas] Animal Services described Francesca Bubbles, a young blue pit bull or pit bull mix who animal control officers found wandering the streets Thursday.

Though they couldn’t yet say for sure, the medical staff suspected the horrific wounds on her snout might be the result of an untreated tumor or abscess in her mouth and jaw.

“Despite these injuries,” said shelter director Jody Jones, “Bubbles has a beautiful soul and amazing spirit. She is gorgeous!”

After Francesca Bubbles received preliminary treatment for her injuries, her basic vaccinations, and a heartworm test (negative), a rescue group called DFW Rescue Me pulled her from the shelter on Friday, stepping up to the plate to take on her care and re-homing

Please check this page again for more on Francesca Bubbles.

To donate toward Francesca Bubbles’ medical care and other needs, contact DFW Rescue Me.

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