Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The resentful rescuer: bad attitude, worse timing, but lots of really good dogs

The Party Girl's smile: 'Well, but haven't we been friends forever?'
Rescuing animals is necessary, noble, heaven’s work.  It can also be a pain in the rear.

Looking back, most of us don’t regret any of the rescues we’ve done--only the ones we weren’t able to do. And yet, sometimes the timing is off.  In fact usually the timing is off.  You don’t get to pick the timing.  You’re there, the dog is there (or the cat or horse or hedgehog), and wa-hoooo the party starts.

Last night around midnight, the timing was most definitely off, but the party started anyway.  And gotta admit, this one—this latest one from whom it was impossible to walk away—is quite the party girl.  Ms. Congeniality.  Friendly in the most relaxed, "Well, but haven’t we been friends forever?" kind of way.

It’s just that I’m supposed to be doing other things right now. Just as I was supposed to be doing them in December, when rescue girl Kali came along, and in April, when rescue girl Diamandi (now Mandi) showed up. 

I’m supposed to be doing a bunch of other things.  For example, applying the bandages and splints to our broken-down old house here in Greece so I can get finally get home to hubsy and to our own large pack of pooches. Not to mention all the reporting, writing, and editing that needs to happen for our brand-new website.

Curses and catarrh upon whoever dumped or misplaced her. Grumbles and groans at all who saw her and walked on by.

Oh well. So what else is new?  It’s an old story by now. You’re either able to turn your back or you’re not.  If you’re one of the “nots” (notice how close that is to "nuts"?) you’re in for a lot of hassle.

However, as rescue girl #3 reminds me with her wildly wagging tail and twinkling eyes every time I even so much as glance at her, you’re also in for a lot of head-over-heels, nothin’-else-like-it doggie love.

To start from the start, here’s what got posted on Facebook as soon as your Dozen Dogs Diarist could make it to the laptop after last night’s escapade.

“Moral support, pls? Apparently I am now fostering this year’s dog #3. An hour ago was innocently walking back from the little neighborhood grocery, and there she was, in the street in front of the taverna. Never seen her before. She came right up and looked into my eyes, then CLUNG to me, glued herself to my leg.

“Asked the taverna staff if they knew anything about her. Shrugs. Blank if not hostile stares. And I thought they were my friends. If I see one more of those shrugs in regards to an animal, watch out. I am not in the mood for this cr*p anymore. We are adults. We can put out a little freakin' h20 for a lost dog, can't we? A bit of food? And actually SAY something when someone asks about her? Not just that infernal shrug???

“She is now on my fenced veranda, with chilled water and food and a bed, because it's too broiling hot in the house even for me.

“Sweetest dog imaginable. In good condition. Maybe she just wandered away from her home. Tomorrow I'll ask around. But I'm fighting the flu and a bad cough and can't help but feel furious at that taverna and at the dozen or so fools who walked right past her just during the time I was asking about her. Couldn't be bothered to take a little responsibility. I know, it’s idiotic to expect anything different.

“Sorry to vent. Thanks for listening. It will work out. She's an angel and I'm not sorry we crossed paths. Just tired. Update tomorrow. Love you all. Bless you for all you do. Grateful to be among you. For one thing, because I know you understand. xoxoxo”

Love you, too, dear reader, for coming along on yet another ride with The Dozen Dogs Diaries.

Coming up next:  More pics and an update on our new girlfriend

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