Monday, January 14, 2013

Spay Day for Princess Jorja Specklestockings (Part One)

Many princesses have their spa days.

Today I, Princess Jorja Specklestockings, formerly of St. George's Castle on the Greek island of Kefalonia, had my spay day.

On the way to the vet's office I was somewhat apprehensive. I'd never been spayed before.

But Agapi, the prince who saved me from a life on the streets quite unfit for a princess, reassured me that all would be well.

After the operation, I felt sleepy and confused.

Dr. Amanda said I might not feel too well for the rest of the day, but tomorrow would be better.

She also said that I was really lucky that I got spayed, because there was a problem inside me that would have been put me in a lot of danger if I had gotten pregnant again. It probably would have killed me, she said. (I'll explain more about it tomorrow in Part Two).

See my colorful tummy in the photos? Agapi's chauffeur, who drove me to my spay day appointment (and who can be somewhat amusing when she's not being bossy and gauche), called it the "Blue Belly Badge of Courage."

When I tried to stand up I felt pretty wobbly.

The first thing I did was check out the grapefruit from Agapi's estate. He had ordered his chauffeur to pick it as a thank-you for Dr. Amanda. I don't care for grapefruit, myself, but I suppose the doctor does, and my tummy wasn't in an eating type of mood anyway, for probably the first time ever.

Next I met Dr. Amanda's kitty Bocconcino, which in Italian means "a small taste."

He definitely was not interested in letting me have a taste of him, big or small. I got swatted just for looking at him. Hmph!

Right about then I decided it was time to go home.

Agapi's chauffeur picked me up and put me in the front seat of his carriage.

Dr. Amanda came out to make sure I was comfortable and to kiss me goodbye.

About 20 minutes later, back at Agapi's palace, I was on my bed.

His chauffeur saw I was shivering. She cranked the heater up higher and covered me with a folded sheet. When she saw I was still shivering, she put two towels in the dryer to warm them up, and put those on top of me too. I liked that a lot.

Tonight I've been snoozing quite a bit, Tomorrow I'll tell you about the "time bomb" that Dr. Amanda found inside me.

My spay day has been no picnic, but it sure does beat a time bomb.

Those interested in offering a foster or permanent throne to my royal self may contact my current lady-in-waiting (Agapi's chauffeur, Katerina) via the following methods:

  • Email: youradopteddogATyahooDOTcom
  • Facebook message: The Dozen Dog Diaries or Katerina Lorenzatos Makris
HRH Jorja Specklestockings
Princess of St. George’s Castle (currently in exile)
Island of Kefalonia

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Read Melissa Beamish's excellent blog about her round-the-world trip volunteering in animal shelters, including a month at Kefalonia's ARK.

To donate or to volunteer on behalf of animals in Kefalonia, contact Animal Rescue Kefalonia (ARK) and Kefalonia Animal Trust (KATs).

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